Services - Additional Services
John and his staff are available on an hourly basis for support with projects of any size. Whether you are looking to spruce up an old planting area, revive a tired patio space, or need suggestions on how to bring your landscaping vision to reality, John’s 35 plus years of experience in the field give him the ability to effectively provide solutions and suggestions during your scheduled consultation.
  Conceptual Landscape Plan
The Conceptual Landscape Plan provides the overall conceptual design for the project. It includes an initial client interview, site inventory, and a scaled concept plan. An exclusive feature of our Conceptual Landscape Plan is the Budget Analysis. John is well aware that while design options are limitless, most budgets are not. We work diligently to give you a design that fulfills your desires and is attainable within your budget.
  Construction Documents
Construction Documents clarify artistic detailing and structural integrity of the conceptual design. Some clients don’t want contractors choosing the building specifics. While The Conceptual Landscape Plan shows “where” to build, Construction Documents spell out “how” to build.
  Construction Services
Given the infinite amount of decisions to be made during construction, we provide assistance with contractor selection, bid analysis, and site observations. These services help ensure that your project will be completed the way it was envisioned.
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